Series 1000: Policy Overview, Mission Statement, and Definitions
    1100    Policy Overview
 1101 General Policy Statement
The Board will establish, maintain, and amend bylaws and Policies (together, “Policies”) that guide the District and assist the Board and its designees with carrying out District functions and duties.
A.    Policies serve to: 
1.    formally articulate the Board’s goals, standards, and objectives;
2.    provide the Board, administrators, and other personnel with guidance in making decisions that affect District operations, functions, and duties; and
3.    inform the public of the manner in which the Board, administrators, and other personnel conduct District operations, functions, and duties.
Policies are intended to be flexible where possible.
B.    Specific administrative regulations, procedures, practices, contracts, collective bargaining agreements, handbooks, and other documents also may guide and govern actions and decisions and should be consistent with Policies.
1.    Collective Bargaining Agreements and Past Practice
These Policies supersede any inconsistent past practice. The Policies, however, are not intended to change or alter the terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the Board and a labor organization. Collective bargaining agreement terms supersede inconsistent Policies unless contrary to state or federal law.
2.    Other Contracts and Legal Obligations
These Policies do not change or alter the terms of enforceable contracts or other legal obligations.
C.    Validity of Policies
Policies should be interpreted consistent with applicable law. If a court determines that a Policy provision is invalid or that a changed legal standard makes a provision unlawful, the unaffected provisions remain in force.
A violation of Policies may result in discipline, including discharge.
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