Cass City Virtual Academy


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What are the benefits of Cass City Virtual Academy over other online school programs?

  • Instruction provided by a local teacher providing local support
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • A Chromebook and tech support are provided
  • Extra-curricular activities such as band, athletics & FFA are available
  • Students can attend the Tuscola Technology Center
  • Participation in Cass City Promise program


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there a deadline to enroll in the Cass City Virtual Academy?
    • Yes.  The first day of school is August 23.
    • Any new student that transfers into CCPS will have the option of in-person instruction or enrolling in the Cass City Virtual Academy.
  2. Will grades be given and attendance taken in the Cass City Virtual Academy?
    • Yes.  Grades will be assigned and attendance taken just as they will be in the 5-day in-person school model.  
  3. If we enroll in the Cass City Virtual Academy, when can we transition back to in-person learning?
    • Students may transition from the Cass City Virtual Academy to in-person instruction at the end of any 9-week marking period.  Proper notice should be given to the school district so that schedules and proper preparation can be made.  
  4. What will the Cass City Virtual Academy look like?
    • Students in the Cass City Virtual Academy be utilizing the Edgenuity delivery method.  
  5. Will teachers be available for help and to answer questions?
    • Cass City teachers will post office hours for virtual students.
  6. Will students enrolled in the Cass City Virtual Academy be allowed to participate in in-person learning for parts of the day?
    • Yes.  Our plan is to offer flexibility in using a hybrid of the two models.  A student may come to school for part of the day for in-person instruction and learn from home using the Cass City Virtual Academy for the other part of the day.  Families will need to provide their own transportation for students choosing a hybrid model of learning.  
  7. Can students still attend the Tuscola County Tech Center if they are enrolled in the Cass City Virtual Academy?
    • Yes.
  8. Can students participate in sports, band, and extra-curricular activities if they are enrolled in the Cass City Virtual Academy?
    • Yes.  All MHSAA safety guidelines will be required to be followed by any student participating in sports.  
  9. Will there be meaningful progress assessments and testing?
    • Yes.  Virtual learners will be expected to participate in assessments as required by the State of Michigan.  
  10. How will Cass City Virtual Academy students do their standardized testing (PSAT and M-STEP) in the fall and spring?
    • Presently, these state/national tests are required to be taken in the school setting.  
  11. Will students enrolled in the Cass City Virtual Academy have access to breakfast and lunch?
    • Yes.  Families will be able to pick up these meals at a set location and time yet to be determined.  More information on food distribution will be made available once plans are set.  
  12. If my child participates in the Cass City Virtual Academy, will he/she/they be considered a Cass City Public School student in their present school, including as a Schools of Choice student?
    • Yes.  Enrolling in the Cass City Virtual Academy is simply choosing an alternative delivery of instruction model.  Your child will remain actively enrolled in their present school.  All records, conferences, and contacts remain with your currently enrolled school.
  13. What about students with Special Needs and students with IEP’s and 504’s?
    • We will work closely with families of special needs students using their IEP team to determine the procedures and needs on an individual student-by-student basis.
  14. Will technology devices be handed out for students needing them?
    • Each student will have access to a Chromebook to use while learning from home.  Students will be notified of how and when to pick up their devices as soon as plans are finalized.  
  15. What if my family does not have access to internet services?
    • Students can check-out a cellular hotspot to provide internet access.