Cass City Red Hawk PTO

I pledge to treasure the Cass City School District

As a place to learn and grow

by being honest and fair to all I know.

To show respect and be kind to all I meet,

To be responsible and work hard each day of the week,

To strive to be the best I can be,

So all can succeed in our school family.

Upcoming Events


Come join us for Mother-Son Dance on Saturday, March 10th from 6pm-8pm in the Cass City Elementary Gymnasium. Tickets will be available at the door for $15 per couple (or up to 3 children per adult).

Pre-sale tickets will be available for purchase at select locations, to be determined - please check back later.

The next Popcorn Day will be Friday, Feb. 2nd.

Contact Caitlyn Middaugh for more information about the event or to sell. Send your message to

Check the Red Hawk PTO Facebook page for updates.

We Need Your Help!

Volunteer recruitment is necessary for the PTO to continue to offer supplemental support for students’ enrichment programs. We are very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who help year after year, but we also welcome and need new ones every school year. By parents working together to provide such wonderful events and programs for our students, we are able to make the events/fundraisers more successful and rewarding for your children. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the PTO or to serve on the board, please feel free to contact a board member at any time. The PTO welcomes everyone wanting to volunteer for events and fundraisers throughout the school year.

PTO meetings are typically held once a month on a Tuesday at 6pm. Please check back for updates to the schedule. Meetings are approximately one hour long and take place in the Cass City Elementary Library - All Parents & Teachers are Welcome to Attend! 

Red Hawk PTO Board Members 2017-18

The 2017-18 PTO New Board Members are as follows:

President - Caitlyn Middaugh
Vice President - Kati Ball
Treasurer - Kristen Mahoney
Secretary - Karissa Schrader


Red Hawk PTO Meetings & Event Schedule