How Can I Help?


The PTO is run by volunteers. We can always use an extra hand. And there are ways to help raise money that are easy and convenient. If you are interested, please read below about the things you can do to help. Also, check the Calender of Events in the tabs above to see when the next meeting is for the most up-to-date events.

For further questions, please contact Liz at or 912-344-1096



Sign up for the GFS "fun funds"

A free year around program that pays quarterly cash rebates to the Cass City Red Hawk PTO for purchases made by our members at any GFS store. To sign up you can contact GFS at 1-800-968-6525. Ask for a application card for the Cass City Red Hawk PTO "Fun Funds Program" GFS will send you an application, fill it out and send it back and GFS will send you a membership card at no cost. When you are done shopping you simply swipe your card before your purchase. Or you can go to their web site, click here! 

Sign up for the Meijer "community rewards"

Allows us to raise funds simply and easily you just shop at Meijer, and we will automatically receive cash rewards from your purchases! First, you have to join Meijer Community Rewards. It's free and can be done on-line at or by mailing the attached application. Enrolled members then pay for their Meijer purchase with cash or a PIN-debit card and their Meijer1 card. When filling out the application in the second part they ask for a Code#. The Cass City PTO # is 239078.

 We Recycle empty ink cartridges and old cell phones - call Susie