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Deadline: March 14, 2018
Thumb National Bank Business or Ag Career Scholarship

This scholarship is for those seniors with a plan of entering the business or ag related field.  Complete the local scholarship application and include an essay on your future plans & why you feel you're deserving of this scholarship.  Include a letter of recommendation.

Deadline: March 15, 2018
Kenna Lynne Peet Memorial Scholarship

One scholarship will be awarded to a senior who has attended the Tuscola Tech Center's Early Childhool Professions Program and who is pursuing a career in teaching within the field of special education. An essay must also be submitted with application ( found in guidance)

Deadline: March 1, 2018
Mt. Moriah Lodge Masonic Scholarship

Application found in guidance.  Include two letters of recommendation from high school personnel and two letters from others, include transcript and ACT test results, along with your signed statement of vocational or professioinal plans and goals. 

Deadline: March 23, 2018
Dr. Bruce Dunn Memorial Scholarship

Students must complete application found on website:  under the "Career Tech" tab at the top and then select "Scholarship Information" to obtain the on-line app.  Follow instructions carefully and send completed application to guidance so it's send inner school mail to Tuscola Tech Center by March 23rd.

Deadline: March 28, 2018
Greater Thumb Fraternal Order of Police Law Enforcement Sch.

Application found in guidance for those entering a field of study in Law Enforcement

Deadline: March 14, 2018
Kiwanis Club - Caro Area

The Kiwanis Club is offering scholarship.  Essays needed.  See guidance for application and details

Deadline: March 2, 2018
Covenant Health Care

Plan to pursue an undergraduate academic degree in human medical sciences or field in the health care industry.  Minimum GPA of 3.75.  Application found online and  Click on Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: Feb 26, 2018
Detroit News Outstanding High School Graduate

Grades, test scores, honors, and community involvement are key criteria. The most important criterion, however, will be a demonstrated ability in athletics, health, journalism, language arts, performing arts, science, mathematics, visual arts, vocational-technical or world studies, and the "against all odds" category

Deadline: March 15, 2018
James G. Fitzgerald 4-H Scholarship

All Candidates must be an active 4-H member and have particpated in 4-H for at least four years. See guidance for application

Deadline: April 2, 2018
MRA scholarship

Those eligible to apply are HS seniors who are dependent children of owners of MRA member businesses, or children of full-time employees of Michigan Retailers Association member firms.  The parent-employee must have been employed by a MRA member firm for at least one year as of Jan. 1st.

Deadline July 31, 2018
UEW Healthcare EEOICPA

Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, a transcript must be attached to app, One time award worth $1000

Catholic Federal Credit Union Scholarship Program
Deadline: March 16, 2018
Local Scholarship Descriptions

See additional information. Note: if you use the local scholarship application on website or specific application found in guidance. All local applications need your resume attached.  

Deadline: June 19,2018
BigSun Scholarship

All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in or the capacity in which they participate. The student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute.

Please remember to include your name and the name of the school that you are attending.


Deadline: May 22, 2018`
B. Davis Scholarship
B. Davis Scholarship
Deadline: March 14, 2018
Tuscola Community Foundation Scholarships

A variety of scholarships are available, including: Agriculture, students attending TC in childcare, Medical, Business, and those without specific requirements. Apps found in guidance.  Must return to Mrs. Fluegge by Mar. 14th to be mailed in time. 

Deadline: April 1, 2018
Tuscola County Sheriff's Mounted Division Scholarship App

Applicant must be planning a career in law enforrcement, equestrian studies or veterinary medicine.  Academic average no lower than a "C"

Include a resume with transcript & two letters of recommendation/reference.  Application found in guidance

Deadline: March 14, 2018
Patricia Krol Memorial

This scholarship is awarded to a female senior student graduating from CC who has financial need and is pursuing a college dregree - special consideration will be given to applicants majoring in the field of business.

Deadline: March 14, 2018
Ralph & Marceline Bublitz Scholarship

Available to a senior student from a Tuscola County School who plans to enter a career as a Registered Nurse.

Deadline: March 14, 2018
Robert & Marjorie Zander Scholarship

Awarded to Cass City student pursuing post-secondary education who has maintained excellent citizenship standards and are in need of financial support. .

Deadline: March 14, 2018
The Houghtaling Family Scholarship

Awarded to a student pursuing a career requiring post-secondary education in Agriculture.

Deadline: March 14, 2018
Tuscola County Olaf A. Goodell Scholarship

Scholarship will be awarded to a student entering a career within a medical field.

Deadline: March 1, 2018
Anna Marjorie MacRae Scholarship

This scholarship is available for seniors who plan to enroll in college in Nursing or related medical field.   Application may be found in guidance office.

Deadline: March 15, 2018
Rawson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is for those pursuing a degree at Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University.  The student must have maintained a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA.  Describe why you are the most deserving individual to receive the scholarship, including any personal, family or financial circumstances that you feel should be considered. Include a letter of recommendation with your completed  local application, and the letter of acceptance into Central Michigan University or Saginaw Valley State University.