Board Policy - 3000: Operations, Finance, and Property

3100 General Operations

PDF Document3101 Insurance

PDF Document3102 Smoking, Tobacco Products, Drugs, and Alcohol

PDF Document3103 Copyright Compliance

PDF Document3104 School Cameras and Monitoring

PDF Document3105 Visitors and Volunteers

PDF Document3106 Booster Clubs, PTOs, and Other Support Groups

PDF Document3106-F Booster Clubs, PTOs, and Other Support Groups

PDF Document3107 Use of Detection Dogs

PDF Document3108 Service Animals

PDF Document3109 Curricular Animals

PDF Document3110 Data Breach Response

PDF Document3111 Drones

PDF Document3112 Hours and Days of School Operations

PDF Document3113 Social Security Numbers

PDF Document3114 Litigation

PDF Document3115 Nondiscrimination and Retaliation

PDF Document3116 District Technology and Acceptable Use

PDF Document3117 Intellectual Property

PDF Document3118 Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy

PDF Document3118-F-1 Formal Complaint

3200 Finance and Borrowing

PDF Document3201 Accounting

PDF Document3202 Budget and Truth in Budgeting/Taxation Hearings

PDF Document3203 Deposits

PDF Document3204 Investment of Funds

PDF Document3205 Disbursements

PDF Document3206 Property Tax Levies

PDF Document3207 School Activities Fund

PDF Document3208 Surety Bonds of District Officials

PDF Document3209 Debit/Credit Cards

PDF Document3210 Borrowing

PDF Document3211 Post-Issuance Tax Compliance

PDF Document3212 Post-Issuance Disclosure Compliance

PDF Document3213 Electronic Transactions of Funds and Automated Clearing House Arrangements

3300 Facilities, Real and Personal Property

PDF Document3301 Purchasing and Procurement

PDF Document3302 Acquisition of Real Property

PDF Document3303 Gifts and Donations

PDF Document3303-F Gifts and Donations Form

PDF Document3304 Use of District Property

PDF Document3305 Sale or Lease of District Property

PDF Document3306 Construction Bidding

PDF Document3307 Construction Administration

PDF Document3308 Distribution of Printed Material and Advertising in School

PDF Document3309 Bus Inspections

3400 School Safety and Security

PDF Document3401 School Cancellation, Delay, and Early Dismissal

PDF Document3402 Drills, Plans, and Reports

PDF Document3403 Reporting Accidents

PDF Document3404 Communicable Diseases

PDF Document3405 Bloodborne Pathogens

PDF Document3406 Integrated Pest Management

PDF Document3407 Asbestos Management

PDF Document3408 Firearms and Weapons

3500 FOIA Requests and Record Retention

PDF Document3501 Freedom of Information Act

PDF Document3501-AG Freedom of Information Act Procedures and Guidelines

PDF Document3502 Record Retention