5100 Student Rights

PDF Document5101 Student Expression

PDF Document5102 Lockers

PDF Document5103 Search and Seizure

PDF Document5104 Age of Majority

PDF Document5105 Collaboration with Outside Entities

5200 Student Conduct and Discipline

PDF Document5201 Investigations, Arrests, and Other Law Enforcement Contact

PDF Document5202 Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Against Students

PDF Document5203 Hazing

PDF Document5204 Student Appearance and Dress Code

PDF Document5205 Student Handbooks

PDF Document5206 Student Discipline

PDF Document5206A Due Process

PDF Document5206B Students with Disabilities

PDF Document5206C Reinstatement Following Expulsion

PDF Document5206D Enrollment Following Misconduct at Another Public or Nonpublic School

PDF Document5206E Suspension from Class, Subject, or Activity by Teacher

PDF Document5207 Anti-Bullying Policy

PDF Document5208 Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy

PDF Document5209 Student Use of Cell Phone and Electronic Communication Devices

PDF Document5210 GPS Tracking Device with Audio Surveillance Capabilities

PDF Document5211 Emergency Use of Seclusion and Restraint

PDF Document5212 Registered Sex Offenders

PDF Document5213 Personal Protection Orders Against Students

5300 Student Enrollment, Attendance, and Records

PDF Document5301 Compulsory Attendance, Absenteeism, and Truancy

PDF Document5302 Enrollment in Kindergarten

PDF Document5303 Student Enrollment and Withdrawal

PDF Document5304 Nonpublic School Students; Part-Time Attendance

PDF Document5305 Schools-of-Choice

PDF Document5306 Foreign Students

PDF Document5307 Homeless Students

PDF Document5308 Protection of Pupil Rights

PDF Document5309 Student Records and Directory Information

5400 Curriculum, Instruction, and Parent/Guardian Involvement

PDF Document5401 Parent/Guardian Involvement in Education

PDF Document5402 Communication with Parents/Guardians

PDF Document5403 Rights of Non-Custodial Parents/Guardians

PDF Document5404 Free Textbooks, Materials, and Charging of Fees and Fines

PDF Document5405 Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy

PDF Document5406 Title I Funds

PDF Document5407 Instructional Program and Curriculum Development

PDF Document5408 Intentionally Left Blank

PDF Document5409 Academic Credits

PDF Document5410 Commencement/Completion Ceremony

PDF Document5411 Student Promotion, Retention, and Placement

PDF Document5412 Class Rank 

PDF Document5413 Intentionally Left Blank

PDF Document5414 Intentionally Left Blank

PDF Document5415 Summer School

PDF Document5416 Homebound and Hospitalized Instruction

PDF Document5417 Homework

PDF Document5418 Grades

PDF Document5419 Reading Assessments, Instruction, Intervention, and Retention

PDF Document5420 Sex Education

PDF Document5421 Work-Based Learning Experience

5500 School Sponsored and Extracurricular Activities

PDF Document5501 Fundraising Activities

PDF Document5502 Student Government

PDF Document5503 Bulletin Boards and Other Student Postings

PDF Document5504 School-Sponsored Publications and Productions

PDF Document5505 School Attendance on Days of Scheduled Activities

PDF Document5506 Field Trips

PDF Document5507 Extracurricular Activities

PDF Document5508 Extracurricular and Athletic Trips

PDF Document5509 Public Appearances of School Groups

PDF Document5510 Student-Initiated, Non-Curricular Clubs

PDF Document5511 Secret Organizations

5600 Student Support Services

PDF Document5601 Special Education

PDF Document5602 Independent Educational Evaluation

PDF Document5603 Section 504

PDF Document5604 Student Assistance Process

5700 Student Health and Safety

PDF Document5701 Child Abuse and Neglect

PDF Document5702 Student Illness and Injury

PDF Document5703 Medications

PDF Document5704 Student Insurance

PDF Document5705 Emergency Anaphylaxis

PDF Document5706 Opioid Antagonist 

PDF Document5707 School Wellness Policy

PDF Document5708 Do Not Resuscitate Orders

PDF Document5708-AG Do Not Resuscitate Orders

PDF Document5709 Lice, Nits, and Bed Bugs

PDF Document5710 Student Suicide Prevention

PDF Document5711 Toilet Training

PDF Document5712 Concussion Awareness

PDF Document5713 Immunizations and Communicable Diseases

PDF Document5714 Cannabidiol Use and Administration

5800 Miscellaneous

PDF Document5801 Closed Campus

PDF Document5802 Student Transportation

PDF Document5803 Student Driving and Parking

PDF Document5804 Work Permits

PDF Document5805 Student Audio and Video Recording

PDF Document5806 Recording of District Meetings

PDF Document5807 Flag Display and Pledge of Allegiance

PDF Document5808 Intentionally Left Blank