4100 Employee Rights and Responsibilities

PDF Document4101 Non-Discrimination

PDF Document4102 Anti-Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment

PDF Document4103 Whistleblowers’ Protection

PDF Document4104 Employment Complaint Procedure

PDF Document4104-F-1 Discrimination-Retaliation Complaint Form

PDF Document4105 Workplace Accommodations for Employees and Applicants with Disabilities

PDF Document4106 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

PDF Document4107 Military Leave

PDF Document4108 Union Activity and Representation

PDF Document4109 Break Time for Nursing Mothers

PDF Document4110 Reimbursement

PDF Document4111 Professional Development

PDF Document4112 Extracurricular Employees or Volunteers

4200 Employee Conduct and Ethics

PDF Document4201 Employee Ethics and Standards

PDF Document4201-AG Employee Ethics and Standards - Time and Effort Reporting

PDF Document4202 Children’s Protective Services (CPS) Reporting and Student Safety and Welfare

PDF Document4203 Corporal Punishment and Limited Use of Reasonable Force

PDF Document4203-AG Corporal Punishment and Limited Use of Reasonable Force

PDF Document4204 Confidentiality of Student Information

PDF Document4206 Employment Contracts

PDF Document4207 Third-Party Contracting 

PDF Document4208 Applicant and Employee Criminal Arrest, Charge, Conviction

PDF Document4209 Prohibition Against Abortion Referrals and Assistance

PDF Document4210 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

PDF Document4211 Alcohol and Controlled Substances for Transportation Employees Subject to the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act

PDF Document4212 Employee Assistance Program

PDF Document4213 Anti-Nepotism

PDF Document4214 Outside Activities and Employment

PDF Document4215 District Technology and Acceptable Use Policy

PDF Document4216 Personal Communication Devices

PDF Document4217 Social Media

PDF Document4218 Employee Dress and Appearance

PDF Document4219 Attendance

PDF Document4220 Use or Disposal of District Property

PDF Document4221 Employee Speech

PDF Document4222 Unauthorized Work Stoppage and Strikes

PDF Document4223 Resignation

PDF Document4224 Personnel Files and Payroll Information

PDF Document4225 Temporary Remote Work 

PDF Document4228 No Expectation of Privacy

4300 Non-Exempt Staff

PDF Document4301 Definition

PDF Document4302 Minimum Wage and Overtime

PDF Document4303 Intentionally Left Blank

PDF Document4304 Timekeeping and Payroll Information

PDF Document4305 Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act (MPMLA)

PDF Document4306 Assignment and Transfer

PDF Document4307 Performance Evaluation

PDF Document4308 Reduction and Recall of Non-Exempt Staff

PDF Document4309 Discipline and Termination

4400 Professional Staff

PDF Document4401 Definition

PDF Document4402 Assignment and Transfer

PDF Document4403 Performance Evaluation

PDF Document4404 Performance Based Compensation for Teachers

PDF Document4405 Reduction in Force and Recall

PDF Document4406 Professional Improvement Sabbaticals

PDF Document4407 Discipline

PDF Document4408 Termination

PDF Document4409 Non-Renewal

4500 Administrators/Supervisors

PDF Document4501 Definition

PDF Document4502 Assignment and Transfer

PDF Document4503 Performance Evaluation

PDF Document4504 Performance Based Compensation

PDF Document4505 Reduction and Recall

PDF Document4506 Discipline

PDF Document4507 Termination

PDF Document4508 Administrator Non-Renewal

4600 The Superintendent

PDF Document4601 General

PDF Document4602 Hiring

PDF Document4603 Performance Evaluation

PDF Document4604 Absence/Incapacity

PDF Document4606 Discipline and Termination

PDF Document4607 Non-Renewal